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Proper service of your gasketed plate heat exchanger, performed at the right time, saves you money and prevents unplanned interruptions. Whatever your equipment’s type or age, there are options to safeguard or enhance its operation.

Our complete 360° Service Portfolio is handled by our local expert service team and is supported by Alfa Laval’s more than 70 years of GPHE experience.

GPHE maintenance services:

  • Performance audits – qualified engineers will assess current performance levels and recommend improvements
  • Cleaning equipment – Cleaning-In-Place units provide quick and easy in-line cleaning of plate heat exchangers
  • Genuine spare parts – enjoy long-term savings with quality spare parts and service kits
  • Upgrading – replacing or modifying existing equipment can significantly increase performance and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (depending on application, operating hours, energy costs, etc.) 
  • Troubleshooting – if you experience issues with your heat exchangers, we'll find out why and prevent them from happening again
  • Performance Agreements– allow us to tailor service solutions based on your specific needs

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