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Kommende Alfa Laval webinarer

Marine Innovation Summit 2023

As achieving net zero targets climb to the top of the maritime industry agenda, we provide you with the opportunity to connect with industry experts as they unravel the route to sustainable shipping. We invite you to join us online for the third Marine Innovation Summit 2023 to be part of forward-looking conversations and inspirational discussions on the latest trends leading the marine industry towards being carbon neutral by 2050. Take part in our Marine Innovation Summit 2023 on March 28 at 9.00.

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On-demand | Together for sustainable shipping - Fuels for today and the future

The marine industry is on its way to a sustainable future, and we would like to invite you, during an hour webinar, to listen in about Alfa Laval’s latest news, how we work to contribute to decarbonization using new fuels, as well as digitalization and ways of driving towards more efficient vessel operation.


On-demand | How to reach higher performance and lower costs in your drilling operations

We believe that by making smart equipment choices, you can boost productivity while also improving quality. Watch our webinar to learn more about waste handling in your drilling operations, reaching environmental targets, decreasing project costs, and lowering your total waste bill.

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On-demand | Hvordan du kan holde varmeveksleren din i god stand

Se vårt webinar hvor vi vil fortelle deg mer om Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Service Company og ulike måter å sikre driften av varmeveksleren på. I løpet av en time vil vi fokusere på følgende emner: Bærekraftige løsninger, vi tilbyr services og deler som er et ansvarlig valg for sikkerhet, miljø og øker energieffektiviteten. -- Visuell tilstandsvurdering, en rask oversikt over tilstanden til dine platevarmevekslere med pakning. –Integritetstesting, identifiser potensielle problemer som sprekker eller lekkasjer, slik at du kan iverksette nødvendige tiltak i tide og unngå uventede sammenbrudd. -- Rekondisjonering og forebyggende vedlikehold. -- Service av alle merker.

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On-demand | Great taste, less waste – How to optimize your brewery

Every brewer wants to squeeze out every precious drop of beer brewed from their valuable raw materials – without compromising on quality. Watch our webinar to learn about solutions for different parts of the brewery production and how this can help increase your yield, limit beer loss and water usage, and create savings over long term.

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On-demand | Hvordan ny dekanter-teknologi bidrar til reduserte driftskostnader i kommunale renseanlegg

Visste du at i designet på utstyret spiller en avgjørende rolle for driftskostnadene i renseanleggene? Valg av riktige produkter hjelper deg med å forbedre effektiviteten, redusere energiforbruket og mengden avfall. Alfa Laval tilbyr et omfattende sortiment av produkter for slamfortykking og rensing av avløpsvann. Ved hjelp av ny dekanter-teknologi kan kostnadene ytterligere reduseres.


On-demand | Possibilities of carbon capture in the pulp and paper industry

Cellulose- og papirindustrien gjennomgår mange endringer med ulike trender som former industrien. Webinaret vårt vil fokusere på en av disse nye mulighetene som er karbonfangst og muligheten til å redusere utslipp.

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On-demand | How to meet ballast water regulations the easy way

In this webinar you will learn what is important when choosing a ballast water treatment system, which regulations to consider, how to install the system and how to stay in compliance. With the right knowledge and the right partner – you can keep it simple and keep sailing as usual. Learn how Alfa Laval can support you in every step.

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On-demand | Reach the lowest operating cost with certified performance

Finn ut hvordan AHRI tredjeparts ytelses-sertifisering kan hjelpe deg med å nå de laveste driftskostnadene og få energibesparelser med garantert ytelse. Webinaret holdes på engelsk.

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On-demand | Data center cooling – Heat plants for the future

Hvordan kan datasentre bli varmeanlegg for fremtiden, men likevel klare å kjøle ned IT-utstyret? Bli med på nettseminaret vårt om datasentre for å lære om mulighetene for varmegjenvinning, kjøling og hvordan du designer for levetidsytelse.

Datacenter webinar

On-demand | Take your decanter beyond the steel with Connected Services

Join our connectivity expert Andrea Pelizzaro on September 28th 2022, to hear more about Connected Services – a new service family for Alfa Laval decanters, based on IoT, that will take your experience with separation beyond the steel. With the power of data, we will show you how we can secure uptime, cost savings and performance improvement for your Alfa Laval decanter – taking peace of mind to the next level!

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On-demand | Marine Innovation Summit 2022

After the success of the Marine Innovation summit 2021, we hosted our second global digital summit during March 2022. This 2 hour live stream event brought together panelists from the industry at one platform to discuss the future of shipping. Read more about the summit and watch it on-demand at our event page.

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On-demand | Pharmaceutical Water Systems - Surfaces

Do you need a better understanding of what is important in pharmaceutical water systems? 90% of the surface area in a typical flow installation is related to installation material, tubes and fittings. A superior quality of the surface is vital to secure optimum hygienic performance and minimize risks. Watch the webinar recording, where our expert Christian Jørgensen shares his expertise on the importance of the right surface quality in Pharmaceutical Water Systems.

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On-demand | Beer Concentration with RevosTM – The Future of Beer Production and Distribution

Watch this webinar to learn about the unique Revos system for concentration of beer and other beverages. The system uses a high-pressure, low-temperature reverse-osmosis process to remove water from the beer while retaining the alcohol, aromas and flavours. This webinar is available on-demand.


Marine Talks

Alfa Laval Marine Talks take an in-depth look at the challenges and changes that face your maritime business. In these webinars you'll find up-to-date analysis, knowledge and solutions to keep you on the right course, discussed by our marine experts and some of the brightest names in maritime industry.

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On-demand | How to optimize fish processing with decanters

Watch this webinar to learn more about the possibilities to optimize your fish process, including extraction and refining fats, oil and proteins from surplus raw fish material with decanter technology. This webinar is available on-demand.

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On-demand | How to improve your beer quality by improving your dry hopping techniques

Watch our two webinars focused on craft beer breweries. Our experts share insights and answer questions in these interactive webinars. Learn about the newest dry hopping techniques that will lead to an improvement of your beer quality. Part one focuses on ‘Hop creep and hop burn’, and part two focuses on ‘Separation of hops and yield increase’.

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On-demand | Plant-based drinks - Production for a growing market

Watch this webinar and listen to our food decanter expert Arild Lauten present insights on the process needed to produce drinks made on oat, soy or nuts. Learn what the important things to consider are, when setting up a plant-based drinks production. The webinar is available on-demand.

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On-demand | Making separation work in renewable processes

Lær om hvordan sentrifugalseparatorer løser utfordrende separasjonsoppgaver i fornybare prosesser. I dette 30-minutters webinaret vil ekspertene våre dele spesifikke eksempler på hvordan sentrifugalseparatorer brukes i nye applikasjoner innen fornybare prosesser. Webinaret er tilgjengelig on-demand på engelsk.

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On-demand | Brewery Fermentation Cellar design

This webinar deep dives into a specific area of the brewery cold block - the Fermentation Cellar. With emphasis on a structured and holistic approach, the speakers will present how a fermentation cellar can be designed to be sustainable, efficient, easily expandable and maintenance friendly. Watch this webinar on-demand now.

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