Webinar | Plant-based drinks

Production for a growing market

The consumption of plant-based drinks is growing steadily throughout the world, being driven by a consumer focus on a healthier diet and sustainable food. In this webinar, our food decanter expert Arild Lauten presents the process needed to produce drinks made on oat, soy or nuts. If you are considering getting into production of plant-based drinks, or if you want to optimize your current production, this webinar is for you. Listen in to Alfa Laval insights and things to consider when setting up a plant-based drinks production.



During this free webinar you will learn about

  • Various extraction processes
  • How to obtain high yield
  • The importance of cleanability

Who will benefit from this webinar

Professionals working with the following applications:

  • Plant-based drinks production
  • Dairy

About the speaker

Arild Lauten is Area Sales Manager for Separation & Systems within the Food & Water division in Alfa Laval Nordic. He has worked within the Food and Engineering industry for over 25 years and has extensive know-how within different food and beverage related processes.

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