Webinar | How to reach higher performance and lower costs in your drilling operations


With the right actions you can optimize construction and exploration drilling operations with less costs – sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. We believe that by making smart equipment choices and developing waste handling, you can boost productivity while also improving quality. 

Efficient waste handling is becoming increasingly important in drilling operations, not only because of the sustainability aspects but also for cost savings and meeting the environmental targets. 

In our webinar we will introduce how to optimize this part of the process with our decanter centrifuges. 

By choosing the correct equipment for the task you can get improved and faster drilling with cleaner drill slurry, which results in decreased project costs. 


In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • Alfa Laval equipment ideal for construction and exploration drilling  
  • How to optimize waste handling in your drilling operations 
  • How to meet environmental targets 
  • How to decrease project costs and lower your total waste bill 


Cuong Chi Nguyen 200x266



Cuong Chi Nguyen 

Decanter Centrifuge Product Specialist 

Cuong is a specialist for solids control, slurry cleaning and waste management at Alfa Laval. 

Ravi Kappel 200x266



Ravi Kappel 

Sales Engineer, Mining & Construction Drilling 

Ravi is an expert in dewatering of solids and water treatment within mining and construction drilling at Alfa Laval. 

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