Produksjon av fiskeproteinkonsentrat

Fish and shellfish are an ideal source of hydrolysed flavour protein. Such proteins are increasingly in demand in the food industry as ingredients that can replace meat and water, and on account of their fat-binding properties.

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Extracting valuable proteins from the fish using enzyme-based hydrolyzation processes results in digested proteins with a wide range of uses in functional foods and as concentrates, fonds and soup extracts.

Complete systems

This type of manufacturing process involves a delicate balance between the quality of the raw material inputs, the enzyme-based hydrolyzation and the Alfa Laval equipment essential for effective clarification, separation and concentration.

We are uniquely well-placed to make this happen, paving the way to new market opportunities from high-value proteins extracted from fish.

Alfa Laval blir partner i innovasjonsprosjekt for bærekraftig fiskeoppdrett

Alfa Laval inngår partnerskap med det norske oppdrettsselskapet Lingalaks i et innovasjonsprosjekt som skal utvikle pumpeteknologi for et mer bærekraftig fiskeoppdrett. Målet er å få til lignende forhold som i dype fjorder. Prosjektet tar sikte på å ha flyteanlegget klart i 2023.

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