Exhaust gas cooling system


Alfa Laval PureCool is the exhaust gas cooling system at the heart of iCER technology, an option for next-generation WinGD X-DF engines. The system enables up to 50% reduction in methane slip, which is the small percentage of methane that escapes through the engine when using LNG as fuel. Besides protecting the environment, the PureCool system contributes significantly to fuel efficiency, producing fuel savings of 3% when operating in gas mode.

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Cut methane slip – and gain fuel efficiency


  • Reduces methane slip by up to 50%
  • Increases fuel efficiency by 3% when the engine is in gas mode
  • Ensures maximum green benefit from the choice of LNG as fuel
  • Minimizes LNG losses on LNG carriers, ensuring more delivered cargo


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If you choose LNG as fuel with the goal of a greener profile, the PureCool system will help you make the most of your choice. As part of iCER technology for second-generation WinGD X-DF engines, the PureCool system further reduces emissions by eliminating up to 50% of the methane slip. This unburned fuel, although only a fraction of the LNG consumed, may be the target of future legislation as IMO pursues ambitious climate goals.

With or without new regulations, selecting the iCER option with PureCool has a positive impact on your vessel’s bottom line. Operation with PureCool boosts fuel efficiency, saving 3% of the LNG consumption when operating in gas mode. If your vessel is an LNG carrier, this also means more money-making cargo can be delivered to the receiving terminal.


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How it works

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The PureCool system is a standalone cooling installation adjacent to the engine. It is the main component in the iCER option for WinGD X-DF engines, which improves combustion by cooling and recirculating up to 50% of the exhaust gas. The recirculation occurs through a low-pressure path with full turbocharger capacity, resulting in minimized methane slip and reduced fuel consumption.


The PureCool system’s primary component is the cooler tower, where circulation water is used to bring the exhaust gas from an inlet temperature of 230°C to an outlet temperature of 32°C. The circulation water is cooled in turn by a flow of seawater.

Alfa Laval and WinGD

Alfa Laval and global Swiss engine developer WinGD have cooperated on the development of iCER, which stands for Intelligent Control by Exhaust gas Recycling. The technology, with the PureCool exhaust gas cooling system at its heart, has undergone two years of rigorous testing at the WinGD engine test facility. For more on iCER and the WinGD X-DF engines it works with, visit www.wingd.com


Why address methane slip?

With IMO targeting a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, LNG is becoming a natural choice for shipowners in the transition to carbon-neutral fuels. Yet while LNG produces less CO2 than other fossil fuels when burned, a small percentage of methane can slip through the engine without being combusted. Since methane has a higher global warming potential than CO2, even this slight methane slip has an impact. There is growing awareness of its contribution to global warming, and many shipowners are concerned about the potential for methane slip regulations.


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