AS-H beltepresse G2

Sludge dewatering at high volume and high solids loading, with low polymer and power input.

Alfa Laval Belt Press_ashbrook

The Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Press G2 is a sludge dewatering unit suitable for municipal and industrial applications, delivering continuous dewatering by means of two porous filter belts. The key to the performance of the Belt Press G2 is a unique sludge/polymer mixer valve that gives thorough, uniform mixing of the polymer into sludge. The operator therefore gets higher cake dry solids and better filtrate quality from the unit, with reduced polymer consumption and no need for any additional flocculator tank or mixer.

Besides the reduced polymer consumption and improved solids and filtrate, other significant benefits provided by the Belt Press G2 compared to other dewatering techniques include higher volumetric throughput and solids loading, with lower energy use. For additional ease and security of operation, belt tensioning is automatically maintained by the SmartPressTM Belt Tensioning System.

The Belt Press G2 is available in an enclosed design which ensures that odours, aerosols and spillages are contained. Features include variable drive technology, an optimised frame design in galvanised carbon steel or stainless steel, a radial grid and perforated roller to accelerate dewatering in a full-pressure dewatering zone.

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Following mixing, the adjustable wedge dewatering zone initiates the application of pressure to start the dewatering process. The SmartPress Belt Alignment System ensures continuous, smooth guidance control without the need for operator intervention. Likewise, operator-specified belt tensioning is automatically maintained, with adjustments made for subtle condition variations such as belt stretching or process changes.

In the full-pressure Dewatering Zone, pressure is gently increased as the sludge passes through the eight pressure rollers. The strength of the rollers is optimized through the use of specialized forged-end construction. The drive roller is coated with Buna N and the pressure rollers are epoxy coated for corrosion resistance.

Chicanes in polyethylene material ensure long-life operation. These are easy to operate and maintain, and an entire row of chicanes lifts simultaneously for easy cleaning.