Fat modification process systems

Moving from refined oils to speciality fats? Or extending your existing facilities to handle specialty fats? Alfa Laval has a full range of fat modification processes such as fat hardening, interesterification (chemical or enzymatic), dry fractionation and semi-continuous deodorization. These can be integrated with an upstream refinery, work as a stand-alone process, or supply feedstock to downstream facilities such as margarine or shortening lines.

Continuous dry fractionation process system

Benefits of our fat modification equipment

  • Flexible design to handle a high number of different speciality fat productions per day
  • Equipment can be designed for multiple purposes
  • Minimal use of water and energy
Optimize your fat modifications process system based on the oils readily available and your market opportunities. Feel free to contact us at any time – even during the early stages – and take advantage of our extensive experience. We are eager to work with you to maximize the value from speciality fats production.

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