Mel- og fettproduksjon

Alfa Laval is the leading specialist in providing both exceptional know-how and advanced technology for extracting edible protein ingredients and fats from a vast range of meat by-products. This includes system for edible rendering, including edible fat plants, collagen and gelatine extracts, blood plasma, broth/soups as well as fat-reduced meat.

Greave and meal and fat processing 640x360

In addition to products and solutions for continuous wet rendering and greaves de-fatting, Alfa Laval also has considerable experience in designing processing lines for recovering soup stock from abattoir by-products.

Alfa Laval separation technology is also extensively used for the pre-processing and de-fatting of bone and rind material that is to be processed into gelatine.

Red meat defatting systems

Alfa Laval Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers and decanter centrifuges are used to design lines to produce fat reduced meat products, such as lean and textured beef or reduce the fat poultry meat.

Fatty minced meat – whether poultry, beef or pork – is rapidly tempered using Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers, without denaturing proteins, but melting the majority of the fat. A decanter centrifuge is then used to remove the undesired fat. The mince is cooled immediately afterwards in a second Contherm system. The result is a low-fat meat product that retains all its flavour and functionality – a characteristic greatly appreciated in many meat applications, including burgers and chicken nuggets.

Edible fats

For meat processing companies, it is important that the commercial value available from the many kinds of fatty tissue does not go to waste. This is why fatty tissue of all kinds, including rind and connective tissue, is normally processed into purified fat and greaves in order to generate additional revenue.

The Alfa Laval Centriflow continuous wet rendering system is the best way to achieve this, reducing fat levels in greaves by as much as 50%. This process takes place in a completely enclosed system that is particularly suitable for turning edible raw materials into products for human consumption.

The AlfaVap multistage plate evaporation system is a very compact and extremely energy-efficient method for recovering all the dissolved proteins from the separated water phase.

The final drying is accomplished with conventional disc driers or by using Alfa Laval flash driers.