Designed for heavy duty on- and off-highway applications, Alfa Laval's charge air cooler cools the engine air after it passes through the turbocharger. With a proven, robust design it ensures added reliability and performance in the demanding charge air cooling environment.

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Increasing emission standards and higher power density engine designs require lower intake manifold temperatures, while boosting turbocharger compressor pressures. This is placing greater demand on charge air cooler technology for compressed air cooling performance, robustness and compactness. Alfa Laval offers an increasingly diverse range of efficient charge air coolers for marine and industrial applications.

Alfa Laval charge air coolers feature aluminum or copper fins with varying fin densities, to meet your engine’s performance needs. This technology is available in rectangular or round fin configurations with tubes fixed utilizing our expanded tube technology or our
revolutionary rubber end sheet technology. To meet your compact packaging requirements our engineers provide integrated housings that compactly and efficiently fit the charge air cooler seemlessly into your engine.