Produksjon av inert gass

Your tank holds both the source of your income and a potential source of danger. Keeping volatile cargo under control is therefore a primary concern. Drawing on a long history of work with tanker shipping, Alfa Laval has the knowledge and tools to ensure a stable and safe tank environment.

Inert gas production

Inert gas for volatile cargo

Alfa Laval has spent decades optimizing cargo safety under the Aalborg name. Today we are the market leader in the supply of maritime systems for inert gas production.

We produce inert gas through a number of methods, adapted to the combustion safety requirements of different vessels. Nearly all of them feature the unique Ultramizing system, which atomizes the fuel oil for soot-free inert gas even at partial loads.

Additional solutions for LNG

LNG carriers face particular safety concerns, and Alfa Laval has a growing offering devoted to their specific needs. New to our portfolio is the Gas Combustion Unit, which safely and conveniently handles boil-off on vessels with dual-fuel or low-speed diesel engines.

As cargo safety needs grow even more specialized, still more vessel-specific solutions will follow.

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