Make up water treatment

Maximizing plant uptime while minimizing equipment wear and tear depends largely upon maintaining total balance in power plant water treatment systems. However, water losses whether from leakage, blowdown or other factors are inevitable. Make-up water treatment systems are therefore critical to keeping the water system in balance. Alfa Laval can supply solutions to safeguard plant operations.

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Optimizing make-up water treatment systems

The quality, quantity, and reliability of water to support power generation is critical to plant operations. Water used in the turbine cycle must meet certain specifications in terms of quality, purity, pH value and other parameters.

Over time, the quality of water decreases. Make-up water treatment systems not only maintain water quality at the required level, but also treat new feedwater used to substitute for the loss of condensate in key processes.

Alfa Laval has broad expertise and a wide range of reliable equipment and services that help increase plant safety, efficiency and uptime.