The smallest chapter in the AQUA story

If your vessel bunkers fresh water or relies on reverse osmosis, here’s a little tip. Life could be simpler with proven Alfa Laval AQUA technology. With its tiny footprint and minimal need for electrical power, the new AQUA Blue Mini E1 freshwater generator is ideal for smaller needs. Easy to use and just as easy to service thanks to its non-glued gaskets, it efficiently provides 1–15 m3 of fresh water per day – with low OPEX.


Revolutionary AQUA technology

With a minimal footprint, minimal pipework and no outer shell, the AQUA Blue Mini E1 and other AQUA Blue freshwater generators make easy work of producing fresh water on board. The secret is Alfa Laval’s unique 3-in-1 AQUA plate technology. Find out how it works.

aqua blue mini capacity range

Shrink footprint and OPEX to match
your flow

Alfa Laval AQUA technology has a history of making things smaller. Our AQUA Blue freshwater generator cut seawater needs and electrical power consumption in half.

For you who need less freshwater capacity, the new AQUA Blue Mini E1 cuts size in half too – and greatly simplifies service by means of its non-glued gaskets. Efficiently providing 1–15 m3 of fresh water per day, the AQUA Blue Mini E1 is a perfect match for vessels where space is a constraint.

Smarter than bunkered water

Save space and time while avoiding headaches about bunkered water’s quality. The AQUA Blue Mini E1 gives you a continuous supply of fresh water with less than 2 ppm, which can be used directly as technical water. No large tanks, no hassles in harbour – and no accumulating bunker costs.

Aqua blue mini bunkered water

More consistent than reverse osmosis

The AQUA Blue Mini E1 isn’t just compact. Unlike reverse osmosis, it keeps its high efficiency even at lower water seawater temperatures. There’s no changing filters or clogged membranes – in fact, no complicated maintenance at all. Only a continuous supply of water that’s always less than 2 ppm.

Aqua blue mini more consistant

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