Webinar | Possibilities of carbon capture in the pulp and paper industry


The pulp and paper industry is undergoing vast changes and there are many trends shaping the industry. One of these new opportunities is carbon capture and the possibility to reduce emissions especially in kraft pulp mills.
By nature, the industry is neutral in terms of carbon emissions, but with the right actions it can actually become negative in regards to emissions.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

• Carbon Capture and Usage (CCU) in kraft pulp mills
• Potential sources of carbon dioxide in kraft pulp mills
• Post combustion CO2 removal process
• Potential CO2 utilization in kraft pulp mills
• Alfa Laval in CCU and pulp and paper production


Speaker information:

Marco Gutarra, IMP & CCUS GPHE Sales Developer

Marco Gutarra is a mechanical engineer that has been working in Alfa Laval heat transfer solutions since 1995. He is currently working in the Alfa Laval central organization within Business Unit Plate Heat Exchangers covering Pulp and Paper industry and Carbon Capture processes.

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