Great taste, less waste – How to optimize your brewery

Every brewer wants to squeeze out every precious drop of beer brewed from their valuable raw materials – without compromising on quality. 

On-demand Webinar

There are many phases and multiple ingredients when it comes to creating that especially good quality beer, and each step matters. By looking at the production in detail and optimizing each part from brewhouse to packaging, the productivity can be improved making sure you get the most out of their ingredients. 

You’ll learn about solutions for different parts of the brewery production and how this can help increase your yield, limit beer loss and water usage, and create savings over long term. With our expertise and offering, we can support your brewery now and as you grow and expand. 

We’ll also share real-life examples and experiences from our customers. 


In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • Various Alfa Laval solutions for breweries of different sizes 
  • How to maximize your investment with leasing agreements 
  • Examples of pricing, your investment timeline and a ROI calculator 
  • How to maximize the use of ingredients and limit waste 
  • Nordic craft breweries share their experiences with Alfa Laval 


Jesper Engsig b&w final (1)

Jesper Engsig, Market Area Manager, Food & Water Division

Jesper Engsig is the head of Capital sales for the Brewery sector in the Nordic region. He has been working with technical sales in various industries for the past 20+ years and is an avid home brewer in his spare time.

Joakim Gustafsson b&w final (1)

Joakim Grell, Global Sales Manager, Brewery & Beverage, High Speed Separators

Joakim Grell is the global sales manager for high speed separators within craft breweries at Alfa Laval with a Craft Brewer's diploma with over 7 years of industry experience.

Jarim Guajardo b&w (1)

Jarim Guajardo, Global Product Manager, Process & Filtration Systems, Global Technology

Jarim has worked in the brewery business for 12 years and currently he works as the Craft modules manager for brewery in Alfa Laval. Jarim started his career working in a brewery in Mexico and then moved to Denmark to work as a process design engineer specializing in the cold block area of the brewery.

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